Cloud information release management system

DNR Display Cloud information release management system:

1. Easy to operate, double-ended linkage- Support PC/mobile dual terminal operation- Mobile phone scan to quickly add devices;

2. Multiple devices, easy access- Stretched bar lcd display, Digital signage, Shelf edge display etc. can be accessed, support Android/Windows system, switch between Chinese and English;

3. Remote control of screen status, early warning of abnormalities- Timing switch, volume control, brightness adjustment, cache cleaning, remote screen capture, network monitoring, equipment exception warning;

4. Unlimited split screen, supports rich multimedia components- One-click drag and drop, split the screen at will, the same page can place pictures and videos, clock weather, interactive buttons, promotion countdown, text, live streaming and other small components;

5. Multi-level authority distribution, refined authority management- Powerful authority system, different sub-account users have different functional interfaces, refined authority management;

6. One-key delivery of synchronous playback, support U disk publication- One-key parallel distribution, control multiple advertising players to play synchronously, support material classification management, upload large files, and use U disk to publish when the terminal network is unstable or disconnected;

7. Data is visible and multi-dimensional reports are provided- Advertising data report Equipment statistics report Facial recognition passenger flow statistics User operation log;

Industry-leading cloud management control system for stretched bar LCD display

DNR Display committed to providing customized services for each customer, perfectly solving all customer related needs
Shelf edge display, Stretched bar LCD display controlled by CMS software

Leading the AIoT era into the retail industry

We are committed to providing customized services for each customer, perfectly solving all customer related needs


Change the way retailers interact with customers and optimize their sales and promotion channels


Increase brand-consumer interaction and enhance consumer shopping experience

Growing margins

Realizing precision marketing through digital display and digital analysis can effectively improve store performance and achieve profit growth

Efficient operation

Improved the operating efficiency of the store and saved management costs

Paperless operation

Paperless operation is of great significance to environmental protection

Strategic marketing

Classified pricing and advertisement placement for different regions, times, and stores

Improve store image

The digital shelf screen gives the storefront a sense of technology and beauty, and enhances the store’s image

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