“AI+Big Data” Empowers Smart Retail!

Data collection and analysis are carried out by installing an external artificial intelligence camera or customizing a built-in camera, including monitoring and statistics on the flow of people, collecting customer viewing data and interaction data, as well as the user's age, gender and other characteristics. With in-depth learning and intelligent analysis of artificial intelligence software, it accurately pushes product advertisements and event information that match customer characteristics, enhances customer interaction and participation, facilitates precision marketing, and improves store sales and store operating efficiency.

Today, when online traffic has bottomed out, mining offline traffic through the intelligent Internet of Things, and scientifically digitized analysis and utilization of these data is not only a revolution in the retail industry, it will become a trend in the development of the entire society. Today, we have seen that many Internet technology companies are vigorously mining offline traffic in order to integrate online and offline traffic to obtain the best user profile. The future belongs to OMO (Online-Merge-Offline), especially for the retail industry.

When major public health emergencies occur (such as COVID-19), retail stores with more data will analyze the data to handle their store operations more accurately and scientifically. such as cost control, and establish based on customer past behavior data Customer profile and estimated customer's potential purchase demand model, and optimize the supply chain.

Industry-leading cloud management control system for shelf edge LCD display

We are committed to providing customized services for each customer, perfectly solving all customer related needs
Shelf edge display, Stretched bar LCD display with AI system

Leading the AIoT era into the retail industry

We are committed to providing customized services for each customer, perfectly solving all customer related needs


Change the way retailers interact with customers and optimize their sales and promotion channels


Increase brand-consumer interaction and enhance consumer shopping experience

Growing margins

Realizing precision marketing through digital display and digital analysis can effectively improve store performance and achieve profit growth

Efficient operation

Improved the operating efficiency of the store and saved management costs

Paperless operation

Paperless operation is of great significance to environmental protection

Strategic marketing

Classified pricing and advertisement placement for different regions, times, and stores

Improve store image

The digital shelf screen gives the storefront a sense of technology and beauty, and enhances the store’s image

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